Do You Know Your Skin Type?

If you want to know what your skin type is then normally a good test is to touch it and see how it feels and also how it actually looks.

Should your skin feel rough and dull in appearance, then it is quite likely that you are suffering from dry skin. There are people who are born with dry skin conditions and in such cases this is clearly a genetic and hereditary factor.

Most people for whatever reason develop their dry skin over a period of time. One of the biggest curses of having dry skin is that it does cause a person to look much older than they actually are, simply because the skin lacks moisture in order to keep the skin soft.

But what the reasons are for a person having dry skin is endless as it can vary from the weather, possible to lifestyle habits such as excessive consumption of alcohol, poor humidity, a bad skin care routine and so on.

For those who are determined to get rid of their dry skin it is important that a good basic dry skin care routine be in place. And this involves the use of cleansers, face masks, night cream and moisturisers. They should be organic based in order to prevent any further irritation to the skin.

Now you do have a choice of the products that you use to treat your dry skin, but it is often suggested that many of the preservatives found in many skin care products are the underlying reason why more and more people are developing skin ailments such as dry skin and also eczema. This is quite plausible after all people are not necessarily born with dry skin. It is normally acquired due to some reason that is not always explainable.