Two Factors When Treating Oily Skin

When it comes to oily skin care, there are two are very different things and so you need to make sure that you have a good organic moisturiser that will actually help to regulate the amount of oils that the glands are producing.

It is also very important that what you are using for treating oily skin does not have a tightening effect because if this is the case, then what you are using is causing the skin to become dry. This is not something that you want to achieve as this could trigger more oils to be produced.

You need to have a range of products that are going to remove any excess oils from the surface of the skin and that is all. They will help to maintain any needed essential oils but they will not strip the skin. Only organic products will be able to do this because of the essential oils that they contain compared to the fillers such as alcohol that are available in all other types of lotions and creams.

Is there anything else that you can do for treating oily skin? As a matter of fact there is and it involves making sure that you are changing your pillow cases on a regular basis. This may seem a little odd at first but it makes perfect sense because any oils on your face are being absorbed by your pillow cases. As they absorb more oils then are just being reapplied back to your skin. This is why you need to change your pillow cases often and this is why you need to be cleansing your face once in the evening before you go to sleep.