To Have Lovely Normal Skin

People would love to have skin that is normal, youthful in appearance and flawless. Whilst such a skin type is possible it does a level of hard work and a good skin care routine needs to be maintained.


However the majority of people are not fortunate to have normal skin and either have skin that is either oily, dry or a combination of these two. Dry skin affects millions of people all over the world and it does tend to happen as person starts to age simply because the glands within the skin are not producing sufficient levels of sebum, natural oils, in order to keep the skin moist.


Depending on just how much moisture has escaped from the skin will depend on the extent of the dryness and its appearance. The skin can look and feel rough, it can also be flaking and in very bad cases the skin can also be peeling. This is something that cannot be just ignored and so it is important that an intensive moisturising lotions and creams are being used to keep the skin moisturised and hydrated.


Dry skin is also seen by medical experts as a problem and not just a cosmetic issue and it even has its own medical term, Xerosis, and this can affect people of all ages and even young children are also affected.

It is actually surprising to learn that by exposing the skin to water for a long period of time can also can dryness. This can apply to the hands or the body, so if washing pots it is a good idea to wear gloves in order to prevent too much contact with water.