Eczema Is More Common Than You Think

The skin condition known most commonly as eczema can form anywhere on the body where there is skin. The most common symptoms people with eczema experience are itching, irritation, redness, swelling, and dryness/cracking of the skin.

Treating the skin on the hands and feet is a little different than the rest of your body. Often times when eczema appears on the skin, its extremely dry, flaky, even painful. If over the counter medications and creams dont work for you, then there is always natural cures for hand eczema. If you have contact eczema (not atopic eczema) then you are probably at more risk for getting hand eczema, purely because of the hands touching itchy objects.

That leads me to the second biggie for hand eczema - loss of moisture and lack of washing the hands. If you are suffering from hand eczema you absolutely must keep your skin clean and well moisturized. The final method of the hand eczema treatment is one which will be close to any eczema sufferers heart - the art of trying to stop picking. Eczema on the hands means that you have more chance of infection due to the disturbances on the top layer of skin. The time of year for Eczema, and especially hand Eczema, is upon us. Wanting to find a natural cure for your hand eczema may be on your mind. Here are a few natural tips to keep your hands healthy and hopefully free of Eczema flareups this winter.

1) Use a mild soap and water to wash your hands. Dry your hands thoroughly after washing.

2) Keep your hands well moisturized, the dry and cold air can really irritate and cause cracking of your skin.

3) Keep your hands protected while outside in bitter cold weather.

4) Layer fabrics to let skin breath.

Hand Eczema is normally one form of allergic contact Eczema or occupational Eczema. If your job requires you to keep your hand wet or soaking into water, you have high risk of developing hand Eczema.

There are actually many natural and organic skin care treatments which can help to speed up the healing process. By using the 2 simple steps which are barrier building and Aromatherapy healing speed up, your hand eczema condition can be relieved.