Foot Care Made Simple

The buildup of calluses upon feet usually happens due to changes in moisture, poorly fitting shoes, or poor circulation. Moving to a dry desert area brings a few rather horny problems to our feet. The alkali in the dirt further complicates the problem, drying formerly pretty feet into something resembling scaly hooves. After cleaning the feet, get out what looks like a grater (found in the foot aids section of the grocery or drug store) and start grating the callused areas, being very careful over the skin products that you decide to use however. #

Then put on some socks; which can become problematic in the summer-time, if there is a problem with athletes foot fungus. If you are one who has fungus of foot or toe-nails, take care of that also or it will get worse when the feet are covered with socks. Our feet are one of the most mistreated and overworked part of our body, but many of us pay very little interest towards feet care. It only needs a little effort to keep our feet staying in shape. Natural foot care is a great way to avoid foot problems like corns, calluses, infections, dry skin, athletes foot, foot pains to name a few.

Massaging the feet using moisturisers can promote healthy circulation and avoid leg cramps. Treat your feet to a warm foot bath at home or a visit to the beauty salon for a pedicure. If your feet sweat profusely, soak them in a bowl of warm water, mixed with a handful of dried mile instead of applying moisturizer. Basic foot care involves some, well, basic tips. Germs and bacteria can begin to grow when you walk around with your feet exposed. Because your feet swell and sweat in the heat, shoes without socks can become especially uncomfortable as your feet slip and rub against the shoe.