Use These Tips On Your Dry Skin

You should see the results with improved skin within a few days following these dry skin care tips and suggestions.

Our body and face skin structure is different. Caring for our body - hands, thighs and body skin - from dry skin with its fewer oil and additional sweat glands requires good body skin care protection and safeguarding.

Like our face, our body skins are very often exposed to many pollutant elements that can cause our skin to become dry and coarse. Avoid using alkaline soaps as it can disrupt your skins protective lipids.

For body areas like elbow and heels, use a skin cream containing either alpha hydroxy acid or urea to soften your skin there.

When it comes to natural skin products, there are hundreds of choices available. Dry skin is a common skin problem caused when your skin is deprived of its natural moisture content. To get rid of this problem, we need dry skin creams, but remember- only those are useful which provide natural moisture to the skin. The very outer layer of our epidermis (top skin layer) is the real protective layer of the skin. Moisture evaporation and skin dehydration generally follow.

It is the balance of sebum (skin oil) and perspiration that keeps the skin healthy. Skin dehydration occurs when the water and oils that form part of the protective layer are out of balance. Evaporation of moisture through the skin. The first thing to do to combat skin dehydration is to remove any factors that directly contribute to moisture loss or skin damage. Petroleum products such as mineral oil sit on the surface of the skin, stopping the skin from breathing and have the potential to block pores. By contrast natural waxes and oils allow the skin to breath. As antioxidants, the vitamins also help slow skin ageing and so leaving you look ten years younger.