Taking Care Of Sensitive Skin Around The Eyes

Puffy and swollen eyes are a condition where the eyes begin swelling because of different factors. The skin around the eyes is very thin and is full of blood vessels which make it very sensitive. Normally puffy eyes will go away after a little bit of time or some simple home treatments. Nevertheless, puffy eyes are also symptoms of other eye conditions that may require examination by an eye care professional.

Puffy eyes can be the result of many factors. These include fluid retention, stress, allergies, hormone changes, and other factors as well. When we cry, it is commonly accompanied by swollen eyes. Also, we get puffy eyes after sleeping. Ensuring you are drinking plenty of water will also reduce eye symptoms such as dark circles around the eyes. Your contact lenses could also be irritating your eyes and causing puffiness.

A surprising culprit responsible for mid-day eye puffiness is finger nail polish containing typealdehyde. Also hair spray or a new eye make up remover can also cause swelling in your eye site. If you continually have eye symptoms go see your doctor. Moisturize your skin on a regular basis.

A more heavy duty eye cream or oil for night time use will benefit your skin whilst you sleep.

To avoid dragging against the delicate skin around your eyes a separate eye cream manufactured specifically for that area of skin is preferred to an ordinary dry skin moisturiser.

Puffy eyes condition is more of a skin care issues rather than an eye problem. Orbits are the skin tissues found around the eyes

Because of the fragile structure of skin tissues in this area of our face, various eye skin problems erupt. The build up of fluid usually happens under the eyes.