Gots Spots? You Are Not Alone

Over sixty percent of Americans are affected with spots. Forty percent need spots treatment and twenty five percent will have permanent spots scars. Aestheticians are at the forefront in the spots fight. There are five steps for the spots sufferer to follow to win the battle against spots. They are: locating a well-trained skin care specialist, get educated about the causes of spots and home care, get a good skin analysis, receive professional treatments to clear spots, follow up with home care products that will make your results last.

What exactly is a well-trained skin care specialist? The esthetician will touch your skin as well to determine if there is congestion under the skin. The same holds true in skin care products and treatments. The esthetician knows that different ingredients affect the skin differently. One example is an exfoliation product to remove dead skin cells from the surface of skin. An esthetician working with a full range of ingredients will be able to treat the spots of even the most sensitive skin effectively using high enough concentrations of spots fighting ingredients to control the problem, yet not irritate the skin. Eggs are great for toning the skin and are excellent with any skin type.

If toothpaste does help spot prone skin, its most likely not due to the fluoride because this chemical can irritate or burn the skin and sometimes provoke skin allergies.

Skin levels of calcium directly influence skin cell growth and differentiation. One of the traits of spots includes improper shedding of the skin or improper skin cell separation. Toothpaste does contain agents with the potential to control spots like pyrophosphates that improve skin cell shedding, and oily skin exfoliators like titanium dioxide and baking soda.