How To Cleanse Dry Skin

If youre looking for the best facial cleanser for dry skin, read on. One things for certain - the best facial cleanser for dry skin will surely not contain any of these harsh chemicals. Macadamia Oil is a luxurious natural oil that must be a part of your natural skin care arsenal. After Kaolin has done its part of cleansing the skin, macadamia oil will replenish the oils your skin has lost during the day, and also heal the damage done to the skin cells by environmental factors.

The right dry skin products can restore the supple elasticity of healthy skin. Dry skin needs a gentle touch in order to find its natural balance. One major part of any proper dry skin therapy is internal hydration. The very best moisturizers for dry skin are what nature provides us with. Billions of microscopic water-retaining globules in the skins outer layers called natural moisturising factors (NMFs).

NMFs are responsible for preventing moisture from deep within the skin - called transepidermal water - from too rapid evaporation which in turn leads to dehydration or dry skin. Water is constantly moving through the skin, from the skins deep layers to the outer layers and then out into the atmosphere. Water-based creams rubbed into the surface of the skin wont do the trick. Water molecules are just too big to pass through the skin barrier.

Theres a growing body of research that supports the view that the skins moisture levels are proportional to the levels of fatty acids present. Dry skin rash is among the most common symptoms of an allergy. Dry skin rash is a mild symptom of allergy but comes along with an itchiness that is difficult to avoid scratching. Dry skin rash is an allergic reaction to almost anything that alerts your immune system to overreact. When the allergic reaction is finally gone, the dry skin rash will definitely leave remnants or marks.