Simple Hair Care Tips

Are you happy with the condition of your hair? It is more than likely that you are not and you are looking for a way in which to restore your hair to a healthy state.


Well here are some very simple hair care tips and you may even surprise you. For instance if you are looking to add volume to your hair then try standing on your head and to then mist the hair with hairspray and then just style as you would normally.


If you are finding that your hair is very limp then you need to divide your hair into sections, and then gently mist each section with hair spray then include some rollers and roll these up. Then gently blow dry your hair and once your hair has cooled then remove the rollers and then style your hair.


There are times when the hair can smell and all you need to do is just a few drops of perfume into some bottled water. Spay this on and if you are finding that your hair is smelly because of any excess oils on your hair then you can also apply talc to soak up the oils, brush this in well and then rinse away.


Hair that is long can quite easily become tangled and knotted and removing these can be difficult without damaging or breaking the hair. To help remedy this simply spray in a good hair conditioner on the actual knots and then you need to use a comb that is wide-toothed and then pick the knots out from each end.