Dealing With Your Oily Skin Problem

Are you looking for an effective solution for oily skin problem? It is quite tempting to thinks that the best solution to oily skin problem is to use oil-free moisturizers; that is not correct because every skin-type needs some amount of oil.

Regardless of age our skin becomes oily. Our skin becomes oily because there is too much production of sebum. Accumulation of too much sebum makes the skin greasy, heavy skin texture and thick. Treating oily skin is not very easy. Fatty and oily foods are big factors to make our skin oily. Sebum is natural moisturiser for oily skin and of our body. Even if it is considered as a moisturizer, excessive secretion of this to our skin makes the skin greasy and thick.

Water makes the skin healthy as it hydrates all the skin cells. Moisturizer is a skin care products which would aid us in treating oily skin. However, the question is what is a good cleanser for oily skin? Treating oily skin is not an easy task. Oily skin might have its own advantages like aging slower than dry skin - but, hey, thats too good to be true. Oily skin is most prone to attracting air borne dirt and bacteria that causes acne. Sebum (oil) is not at all damaging, however, in fact it acts as the skins defense by lubricating the skin and sheding out dead skin cells from the skins hair follicle walls.

Oily skin care tips

A golden rule especially in oily skin care: never sleep with you makeup on and save the cold creams for your dry-skinned friend. Fruit acids remove the top dead layer of the skin while maintaining the skins natural moisture.

Also, there are face masks available for oily skin care. Aromatherapy oils also do wonders for oily skin.

Acne on oily skin can be kind of tough to fight. You only need the skin care of a lemon and some warm water. Take the lemon skin and wash your face with it in the warm water.