Look And Feel Ten Years Younger

More men than ever are having cosmetic surgery and enhancement, and from an earlier age, and grooming and anti ageing products are flying off the shelves in unprecedented volumes. No longer is it attractive to have a lived in face which used to represent wisdom with age. Nowadays wrinkles and grey hair are seen as indications of being lazy to care for your appearance.

To look ten years younger you need to focus on the key areas of your eyes, teeth, skin, hair colour and style, and clothing.


Eyebrows - Your eyebrows frame your eyes and regardless of gender they need to be well maintained and shaped. Remember to only remove eyebrow hairs by waxing or plucking.

Black Bags - Black bags under the eyes age you terribly. A concealer covers very dark circles and a light reflecting concealer back light off you and makes your eyes look younger.

• Wrinkles - Treat wrinkles with an anti-wrinkle cream to plump out the skin and reduce their appearance.


If you want professionally whitened teeth use a specialist dentist for a professional, longer-lasting effect.


Poor hair can really be a confidence crusher but with todays best hair products, even hair loss sufferers can improve the appearance of whats left so increase their confidence.

Colouring your hair can a great confidence booster but be careful as you get older because your skin tone fades and cant take the strength of your original hair colour. Fine, limp or think hair can be transformed using a voluminising shampoo and styling products. Keeping thinning hair is easier than trying to grow it back if you are bald.


Try to avoid cheap scents but always try before you buy as fragrances dont smell the same on people due to the chemical difference in their skin.


Dont buy cheap, badly fitting or dowdy coloured clothes if you dont want to be overlooked when out socialising. Have you ever thought about the working of a perfect skin care cream?