Is Your Skin Patchy?

People with dry skin may complain of a parched dry feeling and an overall lackluster appearance. Dry skin often feels very tight and dry and often appears to be flaky, scaly, and rough. Fortunately, dryness of skin is often caused by non-hereditary origins: primarily environmental factors, exposure to harsh chemicals, poor choice in skin care products and excessive bathing.


Moisturizing is very important for dry skin. Remember to avoid any cosmetic or beauty products that use harsh chemicals because this may be what is causing the gradual drying of your skin and only use organic skin care products. Simply switching to organic skin care products could bring your skin to a normal and balanced skin type.

With very dry skin, you could even apply an herbal facial elixir underneath a creamy organic moisturiser for very dry skin. Furthermore, smoking is worse for dry skin than all other skin types (except maybe environmentally damaged skin). Dry skin loves the soothing and nourishing effects of oatmeal on the face and body and even taking milk baths in oatmeal during the winter months can help to ease the drying effects of cold climates on skin.

You surface layer of your skin; sugar and oat scrubs work great for dry skin types. I had the opposite problem, dry skin. Having dry facial skin presents unique challenges when it comes to finding proper skin care products. Exercise helps you skin in a couple of ways. Remember, all your healthy skin care starts on the inside. Having dry skin can be challenging to deal with, but its not impossible.