Is The Skin Under Your Eyes Rough And Dry?

Are you starting to notice that the skin under your eyes is starting to feel very rough and dry? It is not surprising to hear this because the skin around the eyes is very thin, delicate and often neglected compared to the rest of the face.

It is quite obvious if the skin under your eyes is dry as it will feel very rough to touch and there will be some people who will also experience an itch. The level of dryness will vary from person to person and this can be a moderate level of dryness to something that is more severe. The worst thing that you can do is to of course scratch away at the dry skin or to rub it.

Looking after dryness around the eyes does not need to be difficult but it might take some time to get better and you also do not need to buy the first creams that you come across. There are many home care treatments that you can also use such as making sure that the body is hydrated and this is done by drinking lots of water and you should also make sure that you are giving your body lots of rest and sleep in order to repair itself.

You can moisturise the area concerned about three times a dry and make sure that you lightly apply the cream and to rub it in very gently. Do not use any creams that are thick and contain oil, and also stay away from anything that contains any form of alcohol as this will cause the skin to become dry.