How The Skin Looks Dull With Age

When the skin starts to age there are differences that are quite easily noted such as the face starts to look dull and there is less natural oils also protecting the surface of the skin. In such instances the skin starts to become dry.

It is not fully known what the reasons are behind a person having dry skin as there are many factors involved. Some of the possible theories include the weather and even if a person has thyroid that is not very active can also be a reason.

Dry skin is essentially that, it is skin that has become dry due to a lack of moisture. It is therefore essential that the skin be moisturised and cleansed and also that appropriate care is taken of the body on an internal basis.

This will mean making sure that you are not deficient in Vitamin A and that you are not exposing your skin to the intense heat of the sun, as this will cause the skin to become even drier. There is a greater tendency that the skin becomes dry during the winter due to the low levels of humidity that is outside and then you expose your skin to a warm environment when on the inside.

Moisturisers that you use should not be thick, and you do not want any moisturiser to simply sit on the surface of the skin. You want a moisturiser that is going to penetrate the layers of the skin and to be able to replace any lost moisture and work to restore a level of hydration.

It is also important that you are keeping your skin clean, because if it is dirty that the normal functioning of the skin is disrupted and therefore there is risk that some damage can occur.