What Will Work To Reduce Those Wrinkles?

The very first question most people have when exploring the realm of anti-aging skin care products is, What skin rejuvenation products have been proven to be effective? What are the secrets for younger looking skin?

Accurate information regarding the multitude of anti-aging treatments flooding the marketplace is the best way to make informed decisions for developing your own skin rejuvenation regimen which incorporates the anti-aging skin care techniques, strategies and treatments that best address your personal aging skin issues.

The basics of effective skin care rejuvenation begin with the facts on anti-aging skin care treatments. The next most beneficial anti-aging skin rejuvenation treatment is a chemical exfoliant such as an alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) or beta hydroxyl acid (BHA) product.

Glycolic acid should be use in concentrations of 8% to 15% depending on your skins sensitivity. The last consideration is including an antioxidant to contain the skin damaging free radicals as well as to encourage overall skin repair.

From neutralizing antioxidants to skin-nourishing lycopene, the grocery store aisles are loaded with foods chock full of age-fighting ingredients.

Your skin and digestive system will approve. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which helps to keep the skin staying fresh. If the tail is long, the cell has a long life span and your skin will stay younger longer. If there is a lack of beta carotene, the skin dries up, cells die, and wrinkles are formed.
Any anti wrinkle face cream should contain free radical fighting substances as well as ingredients that can assist in exfoliating dead skin, thus encouraging a healthy growth of skin cells underneath.