Danger For Your Skin

Besides, its ingredients contain mercury and steroids which are very harmful to the skin.
How to choose the best Skin Whitening Cream to fight hyper pigmentation:

It is important to consult a skin-specialist or dermatologist before buying and using a skin whitening cream. * Herbal Skin care products or organic natural skin care creams usually give a pleasant feeling to the skin when applied.

Throughout the world, organic natural skin care products like creams, body lotions etc. are taking precedence over their allopathic counterparts. To help you avoid the not-so-great choose from our list of the best tried and tested organic skin care options for skin that needs a little TLC.
With a base that includes organic jojoba oil this organic face wash ensures that the skin is gently cleaned without harsh detergents.

Best Cleansing Cream For Dry Skin

MV Organic Gentle Cream Cleanser - formulated with hypersensitivity in mind, this rose scented organic cleanser is a thick creamy cleanser ideal for very sensitive skin. MV Rose Hydrating Mist - another product from the MV skincare range that is perfect for combination and normal skin types. Jurlique Viola Cream - contains the living energy of viola, to calm delicate skin leaving it restored and supple. Saaf Ultimate Moisture Facial Serum - a lovely rosehip oil base with cold pressed safflower oil to help soothe skin irritation. This gentle oil is lightly scented with calming, skin balancing Ylang-ylang and Geranium.

Absolution Night Cream - the best in French Organic Skincare contains Magnesium, a natural stress reliever this night cream packs a punch.

A face firming serum will help you keep a liquid skin that means that you will have a smooth and beautiful creamy skin complexion.