Why You Must Go Organic

Want great skin? Before you can have the healthiest skin possible you need to understand how the skin is designed. The skin is actually made up of three important layers. Rather, an organic skin care cream can uniquely treat each important layer of your skin.

The skin is comprised of the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. The epidermis is the outer most layer of the skin and protects your body. Important cells located in the skin are keratinocytes, which produce keratin. Damage to this layer of the skin is what causes a dry, flaky skin that looks worn and aged.

Next, the hypodermis is the fattier layer of the skin. Lack of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes in this layer of the skin can cause dull, blemished skin.

To replenish your skin with such important minerals, use a well-rounded antioxidant face cream organic and naturally made. Such organic face cream will have substances that help to boost the naturally occurring compounds in your skin.

What is Natural Skin Care?

The simplest and most accurate definition of natural skin care is that it entails caring for your skin with products that are all natural and chemical free.

How harmful?

Several reputable studies have concluded that there may indeed be long term negative effects linked to the chemical ingredients in many popular skin care products.

Why use Organic?

Amazingly, the average person uses more than five skin care products each and every day. Most natural organic skincare products contain ingredients like shea butter, tea tree oil, or antioxidants for sensitive skin. In fact, many people switch to natural skin care products because the chemicals in other products irritate their skin.