Is Your Eczema Driving Your Insane?

If you are inflicted with severe eczema, it can drive you really crazy with the intense itching. Scratching your skin can hardly stop but may just worsen your condition when you introduce bacteria through your nails. So, how do you stop yourself from scratching? The first rule of eczema care is to keep your skin well hydrated and moist.

Pamper your skin so that you will not have bad flare-ups. Emollients work to keep your skin moist. When your skin becomes dry, you tend to itch and therefore scratch more. In the summer, a lotion or emollient will work. Some eczema sufferers take a colloidal oatmeal bath when they are itching. Aveeno makes a great oatmeal bath. Itchy, dry, inflamed skin loves colloidal oatmeal baths. This oil is great to help keep the skin moist and it also has some anti-inflammation and anti-itch properties as well. This is great for eczema flare-ups. How to stop scratching? Try a bath oil for eczema also.

Trimming your fingernails is another great way to address on how to stop scratching your eczema itch. This will help to keep you from causing a lot of damage to your skin if you do scratch. Supplements like Omega 3 or even Emu oil contain essential fatty acids necessary for good healthy skin. Dont scratch, dont scratch, dont scratch, so itchy, must scratch!

Eczema is a skin condition usually categorized by irritated, red, sometimes scaly, but always very itchy, patches of skin. Mild cases can be treated at the onset of symptoms with an anti-itch skin care cream, or hydrocortisone cream. First, moisturize daily and keep the skin hydrated to help prevent flareups.

Avoid hot water when bathing, and use gentle, unscented skin products for eczema to keep the skin soothed. The less you bother your skin with external irritants, the less chance you will be itching and scratching later on.