Just Why Does Dry Skin Happen?

Dry flaky skin occurs when the bodys natural oily layer on the skin dries out. One of the most popular dry skin ailments is caused due to the Athletes foot infection. When the skin is dry to the point of flakiness, this might sometimes lead to cracking, chapping, and a tightened feel of the skin. Dry flaky skin can be genetic.

While dry flaky skin may not be physically painful, it can certainly be emotionally painful. Typically, no one will ask you about your skin condition. Dry flaky skin is mainly caused by a lack of the skins natural oil (sebum) and the cure for it therefore lies in addressing that lack. This lack of sebum could in turn be as a result of the damage to the glands in the skin which are responsible for its production -which brings us to the first cure for dry flaky skin - which is the use of dry skin care products.

The use of natural and organic skin care products - and especially the cream - not only directly gives some oil to the skin but goes as far as healing the underlying tissue responsible for production of the skins natural oil, thus dealing with the problem from its core.

As a short term remedy, you can also opt for a dry skin lotion. Dry flaky skin can be caused by many different factors, heres a list of potential culprits:

Dry flaky skin means that your skin has reacted to something, it might be something you ate, came in contact with or anything really. The last thing I recommend that you do is find a good 100% natural night cream for dry skin also.