Avoid These If You Want To Stay Young

Anti Aging Ingredients to Avoid

The reason anti aging care products exist is to help fight the aging process, however, there are a few ingredients that can actually speed up the aging process and lead to wrinkles, dull skin and other skin problems. Make sure to check the labels before you purchase any organic skin care product.

*Synthetic Colors

Especially if you have oily or combination skin.

Sulfates are known to dry out the skin (remember dry skin is more prone to wrinkling), cause rashes and lead to ocular problems.

Stay away from products that contain benzalkonium chloride, cetrimonium chloride and cetrimonium bromide, among others.

Stearyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol are the only two alcohol ingredients that your skin care product should contain.

When was the last time you went for an all-natural organic skin care products in your quest to regain youthfulness. Organic skin care products are actually natural skin products with the difference that the plants from which organic products are derived are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers.

Organic skincare products will never contain petrochemical, ethane or methane ingredients which are found in other components because of the use of chemical fertilizers. The products will be free from alcoholic components, paraffin and mineral oils which work to clog the pores of the skin and hence do not retain moisture in the skin.

Organic products also possess the ability to heal and to give a gentle effect to our skin. Organic products for our entire body are available with minor changes in their concentration ratios. Natural extracts from jojoba, aloe vera, and olive provides lasting refreshment to our skin. This growing awareness about the all natural organic skin care line has effectively caused a reduction of chemical filled products in the market.

If you care for your skin make sure you use such all natural organic skin care products. Also instead of using chemically produced body lotions they used natural skin care products like coconut cream. They even use coconut oil for cooking, it tastes great and its 100% organic.