What Does Dry Skin Actually Mean?

Is your dry skin itchy and flaky or cracking and peeling?

While dry skin may indicate any of several skin disorders such as psoriasis or eczema, you may simply have skin that is badly in need of hydration. Flaky, itchy skin, itchy scalp, or scaling can result.

Painful chaffing can appear on the skin.

Severely dehydrated skin can result in dermatitis, a common skin irritation. To cure your serious itchy, scaly skin problems, you must avoid cleaning the skin with hot water. Always cleanse itchy, flaky or cracked skin with lukewarm water. Its easy to treat dry skin cheaply, simply, naturally, and effectively at home. Dry skin can also be a sign of an underactive thyroid. The symptoms most associated with dry skin are: scaling, which is the visible peeling of the outer skin layer, itching, and cracks in the skin.

Apply coconut oil daily to your skin to heal, moisturize and soothe it. Coconut oil is the best healing, soothing, and moisturizing treatment Ive found for dry skin; in fact all types of skin conditions, skin eruptions, pimples, acne, milia, irritations, cuts, burns, fungus, etc.

Call on your skin care products if dryness and itching are preventing you from sleeping. Continue using coconut oil and youll see the benefits in good, clear skin, free of dryness and other skin conditions.

Vitamin B - Fair people are especially in need of vitamins for dry skin prevention and one such vitamin that theyre usually lacking is Vitamin B. Vitamin B has similar benefits to Vitamin A.

Vitamin E - Another antioxidant vitamin, Vitamin E has been proven effective in preventing skin damage.