Natural Steps For Curing Eczema

What are some natural treatments for eczema skin rashes that can be helpful to those with an ongoing skin problem? This includes coconut oil, neem oil, olive oil and tea tree oil. Take primrose oil, flax seed oil or borage oil internally for optimum skin health.

Use non-allergenic skin care products to protect your skin. Dealing with dry skin is one thing, but having eczema is a whole different ballgame. Treating eczema can be a tough task. Honestly, if you havent tried treating your eczema naturally, you really are missing out. One good natural method of eczema treatment is extra virgin olive oil. It works to restore the moisture in the skin, which helps the eczema slowly start to fade away. Treatment with UVB light is considered one of the safest forms of phototherapy for widespread eczema that has not responded to medications applied to the skin. Exposure to UVB light must be carefully monitored to prevent sunburn. Premature skin aging may also be a side effect of prolonged use of UVB treatments.

Natural sunlight contains ultraviolet light. UV light kills T cells in skin, reducing redness and slowing the overproduction of skin cells that cause scaling. Prolonged time in direct sunlight is not recommended because of the possibility of dry skin damage, including skin cancer. Improper use could result in skin damage.

Phototherapy involves the use of light to treat a medical condition. Ultraviolet light therapy improves eczema symptoms in some people. Phototherapy may incorporate ultraviolet light or may combine the use of ultraviolet light with psoralen, a drug that increases light sensitivity.