Avoid Chemical Hair Based Products

If you want to protect your hair and also to stop being ripped off you should stop using chemical based skin care products and start caring for your hair using natural hair remedies.


Should you have hair that is frizzy you can use coconut oil, and massage this deep into the hair and also the scalp. Given that you are applying oil to your hair it is going to be greasy so you should do this in the evening and allow to absorb overnight, and then wash away in the morning. You should not wash your hair too often if you find that you have frizzy hair, as this can make the matter worse.


You may also want to consider using baking soda and even using lemon juice to help restore health and shine back to your hair. And if you are looking for some extra bounce then you can add cider vinegar with water.


Ylang ylang is a very ancient herb that is being added to a variety of shampoo’s and conditioners and this is used to help to stimulate the growth of hair, and patchouli is also essential if you have hair that oily.


Other herbs that can also use include rosemary and chamomile can also be used, to help to lighten the colour of the hair, and almond oil is excellent to help treat an itchy and very dry scalp.


Should you find that you are losing hair then you may want to try horseradish oil, and Vitamins B, C and F for help to treating and preventing hair loss. And the best way to help to your hair is to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, after all what goes in is often reflected on the outside.