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Spots Can Lead To Unhappiness

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Having acne and spots can cause lots of unhappiness and distress.  I have listed 13 ways to help to cure acne to try and help you overcome your bad skin.

Wash You Face Daily With a Good Skin Friendly Face Wash

You should wash you face 1-2 times a day with a good and kind face cleanser. The main aim of this is to remove the dead skin cells that can attract bacteria which then cusses acne and spots.

Keeping busy will help to keep your mind off your skin. If you keep getting spots on you skin you may consider changing your diet.

How To Get Rid Of Those Nasty Spots

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Teenagers across the world as well as many adults want to know how to get rid of spots. Spots, as you may already know, are a slang term given to pimples. There are home remedies for getting rid of bruises and getting rid of dark circles under your eyes, so its only natural that they have a home remedy for spots. More and more people suffer the on set of spots everyday. 1. Stop picking on your spots. Find a water based make-up to reduce to prevent aggravating your spots.

First you have to wash your face and then put your toothpaste directly onto the spots and go straight to bed. If you want to make your spots less noticeable, try this: run hot water on to your towel, or face towel. Take the steaming hot towel and place it your spots.

How To Best Deal With Spots

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

So lets get down to acne tactics and learn how to get rid of spots fast.

Spot Busters

Here are a bunch of acne-fighting agents ready to join your team!

Antibiotics fight bacteria thats responsible for causing acne plus it helps treat and heal inflamed acne areas.

Benzoyl Peroxide is found all over in stores nearly everywhere and helps stop bacteria-causing acne.

Proactiv® Solution was formulated by a dermatologist, Its actually a acne management system and works to combat acne via three steps. Oral Contraceptives help fight acne by getting hormones back on track.

Retinoids and Salicylic Acid jump in to unclog pores, unslough dead skin and energize your skin.

If at all possible, avoid exposing yourself to intense chemicals or oils. Avoid eating vegetable oil as well.

How To Get Rid Of Spots.FAST!

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Someone asked me once how to get rid of spots fast. Dont pop or squeeze your zit. Washing dries the skin. So washing your face more than twice a day is not how to get rid of spots fast.

It is impossible to get rid of spots fast if you are using acne products from the pharmacies. Spots appear on our skin when there are hormonal imbalance, toxic buildup in our body and active sebum glands. The only way to get rid of spots fast and permanently is to follow the holistic approach of healing. Getting rid of the factors that cause spots to appear will bring your body back into balance. Making radical changes to your diet and lifestyle can in turn help to get rid of spots fast.

Are You Able To Hide Your Spots?

Friday, December 24th, 2010

Melanin is the source of your skins colour. Fortunately, make-up can effectively hide skin sun spots. The shades in special cosmetics can neutralize the colour of skin blemishes. Foundation can hide skin sun spots by smoothing and flattening the texture and tone of your skin. If you have an oily skin, an oil-free foundation is better suited for your skin while an oil-based foundation works well for people with dry skin. Carefully consider your skin tone.

Applying make-up to hide skin problems needs a lot of practice and familiarization of your skin. A skin condition, which is dreaded by all from teenagers to adults, is caused when oil and dead skin cells block the skins pores. To overcome this skin problem, lets find out how to remove red spots from acne from home.

How Spots Develop

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

1. The Pores Get Clogged By Dead Skin Cells

Sometimes, hormones stimulate the sebum glands and dead skin cells begin to accumulate inside the pore. Dead skin cells start to gather more rapidly and then filling the pore when the body produces more sebum.

2. Dead Skin Cells Mix with Sebum to Create a Sticky Mixture

3. Bacteria Multiply!

4. More Inflammation

The bacteria which cause acne contribute to the inflammatory nature of acne by inducing skin cells to secrete proinflammatory cytokines.These chemicals cause inflammation because they attract special cell killers, better known as neutrophils.

The acne-causing bacteria release lipases and other enzymes which contribute to inflammation.

5. Acne is Now Visible

6. Eventually, Acne Does Clear Up

Can you prevent spots from happening? Acne affects 80% of teenagers and is caused by increased hormone activity during puberty. This in turn, causes swelling beneath the skin, spots.

Acne is not infectious; however the build up of sebum and dead cells may allow bacteria to multiply. If you can control these bacteria, you can prevent your spots from spreading. Acne can become worse with stress. Treatments are available to help clear acne faster.

Dealing With Nasty Spots

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Not only is acne not natural and certainly not normal in children, but the acne was partly caused by the kids diet!

My mom asked the doctor if my diet had anything to do with my acne problems, and he said that diet cant affect acne. 1. Start washing your face each and every night. Try putting a little bit of toothpaste on your spots before you go to sleep at night.

Sometimes the best solution for this problem are the home remedies that people have been using for years, but other times you may need a little medication to completely rid your face of those dreaded zit outbreaks.

Spots, as you may already know, are a slang term given to pimples. Each pore on your face is constantly producing an oily substance called sebum that protects and lubricates the skin.

There are home remedies for getting rid of bruises and getting rid of dark circles under your eyes, so its only natural that they have a home remedy for spots.

How To Get Rid Of Spots Fast

Monday, April 27th, 2009

It was my necessity to find out how to get rid of zits. I finally found out how to get rid of zits naturally and safely.


It is believed that oily skin contributes to the formation of acne.


• Use mild soap- Select a mild soap for washing your face. Harsh soaps can irritate your skin which can worsen your disease.

• Carrot Juice- Many people might be thinking how to get rid of zits drinking carrot juice. Sleeping the natural relaxation technique of the body to tackle stress. A good deep sleep will help you in controlling pimples.


The first time you see spots and zits on your face your immediate reaction is - how to get rid of zits quickly. Remember that your goal is not just getting rid of zits, but also preventing new acne.

How To Cover Up Your Zits

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Zits and pimples can appear at the worst of times. Try to always cover it up if you are looking for a fast result. There are many effective heat treatments for zits and pimples. Always use doctor-medicated cream, which can treat zits and pimples overnight. Which could help you deal with zits and pimples. After all, it is known that pimples are affected by hormonal changes. Healing process is targeted to relax your body and reduce your pimples.


Also you should go to skin specialist doctor. It is very important for spot treatment. If you want best and quick result. There is some equipment that a dermatologist can use to treat your zits and pimples very fast and prevent further problems. It is not selective - acne can affect both sexes - although it usually hits boys harder than girls, as far more hormonal changes seem to take place in their bodies.


Acne is caused by pores on the skin becoming blocked by bacteria that find their way in, which causes swellings, spots, and red lesions to appear, usually on the face and neck. The first one is skin hygiene. Use ordinary household soap if you wish or buy some more expensive preparations from your local store.

STOP Squeezing Your Spots

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

STOP popping the spots, also known as pimples and zits. Popping a zit can spread infection under the skin and produce even more pimples than before. It can be designed for acne-prone skin or not, but you will want to treat your skin gently. Harsh antibacterial soap may actually make your acne worse by irritating skin.

Remove dead skin cells regularly by exfoliating. Good, inexpensive choices include plain witch hazel for normal to dry skin, lemon juice, or 3% hydrogen peroxide for oily skin.

Bacteria in pores is one cause of spots. Most acne treatments take time to work. Mild antibiotics that are available only by prescription can help reduce acne. Stress increases your skins oiliness, which, combined with sweat and dirt, can clog pores and cause pimples. In order to cure your acne, you must use a product that deals with all of the things that cause acne. There are four biggies: overactive skin glands, acne causing bacteria, skin irritation and plugged up pores.