Anti-Spot Kit

Try this complete set of three acne skin care products to combat oiliness without drying. Watch how spots become a thing of the past when you keep your skin clear and fresh. Use our intensive products created to synergistically work together to bring you perfect skin. Suitable for persons prone to Acne.

Ingredients: As per Oily Face Wash, Oily Moisturiser & Spot Gel.

Customer Testimonial
Take A Break Magazine article

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“I’d suffered from spots for many years until I visited www.NaturalEle and bought their Anti-Spot Kit . It contains Face Wash, Moisturiser and Active Spot Serum. I bought it and just a few days later my skin looked better. Now, after two months, its almost clear” day or two. This stuff works.

Kayleigh Palmieri, Newport

During the day you are exposed to many elements of every day life. Give your skin a deep cleanse with our clay based facial mask to really get your skin feeling soft and fresh.

Combined with other products for oily skin you can be confident you are giving your skin the attention it deserves.

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Anti-Spot Kit